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28-Dec-2017 17:45

STOCKTON — Three dogs that might have been sexually abused on a regular basis were rescued over the weekend by a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring attention to this type of mistreatment.

Meanwhile, Stockton Animal Services has launched an investigation into exactly what happened to the dogs known as Emma, Ava and Lobo.

"They will pick it up because their survival is based on that.

The affidavit says he told her he buried the animal with a backhoe and could do the same to her.

The assailants can be anyone: classmates, co-workers, or a total stranger although often a friend or a family member.

The most predominant form of sexual assault in Washoe County is alcohol or drug related.

One explanation is that same-sex sexual behaviour could evolve through kin selection because individuals with such behaviour could increase their inclusive (as opposed to direct) fitness by providing help and resources to relatives rather than bringing up their own offspring.

Two of the other adaptive explanations are the social glue hypothesis, according to which same-sex sexual behaviour helps forge and maintain alliances, and the intrasexual conflict hypothesis, which posits that it establishes and reinforces dominance hierarchies.

“They are very submissive, and their spirits are broken,” Zuniga said.

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