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Eric: None Minwoo: My confession of love Dongwan: Let’s fall in love Hyesung: Let’s be in love forever Junjin: I love you Andy: You are M.

Jung Hye Sung and Gong Myung have been portrayed as a cute, lovey-dovey couple on "We Got Married", leading everyone to believe they may have developed their on-screen romance to real life.

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She’s an expert at knitting and full of adorable charms.” Making all the other members laugh, Jun Jin cleverly added, “She even won gold at a contest to show her aegyo in 1972.” Shin Hye Sung said, “I like girls who are more feminine than boyish.” Jun Jin on the other hand said he wants a girl who is energetic and bright in front of others, but quiet and calm in front of him.Jung Hye Sung then stated something that shocked viewers by saying, ‘I saw that when reporters asked you if there was a possibility of us really dating, you said, 'Please stay tuned.' Why didn't you just say it straight out?"’ He then replied by saying, ‘Should we say that we're really dating then?broadcast of ‘We Got Married’, and they had a very important announcement to share with their viewers!

The two were driving on the road towards a hot spring, and had a very serious conversation about dating.

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